Edo-tex Wallpaper

  • High Durability

  • Healthy – Anti-Bacterial

  • Secure – Fire-Retardant

  • Water-Repellent

  • Uv-resistant

  • Phthalate-free

  • Heavy Metal Free

  • Dirt-Repellent

  • R & D & High Quality

  • Strong Stock & Quick Shippment

  • Long life-time

  • Ease of Cleaning – Can be sucrubbed

  • Easy to strip off and replace

  • Repairement possible

  • Cover wall cracks up to 15 mm

  • Lighter than Ceramic

  • Architectural product

  • Textures with feeling

  • Large color options

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Fabric Backed & Commercial Vinyl Wallcovering

Commercial vinyl wallcoverings have high durability and help hide the surface imperfections of the walls. It is brushable and safe with fire retardant and antibacterial specifications. If you do not want to have a problem with wallpaper material in high traffic areas, baths or kitchens, buy Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallcovering.

Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering

Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallcovering traditionally was with Osnaburg fabric. In some cases non-woven backed Commercial wallcoverings have installation advantages. If you want a long lifetime for your design, be sure to choose a commercial version. Feel free for residential.

Osnaburg type is with 54’’ inches ( 132cm-137cm) width and our commercial nonwoven type has (106 cm ) width. You can choose according to surface, texture, and design. For some repeat designs, it is easier with non-woven backing.

Certified wallcoverings

You can easily see all specification details of that material by checking sample books in the market. Moreover, you can ask for certificates to know if it is suitable for high traffic areas.

Easy cleaning wallpaper

Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants need wall coverings with higher durability. Addedly wallpaper needs to have water-repellency specification for easier clean. This specification is important if you want it to use in your bathroom or kitchen.

Long lifetime wallpaper

Commercial fabric backed wall covering, protects your walls for more than 10 years. It’s easy to renovation.

Removal from the primed Wall is easy. You can peel only one piece. After the removal process, you can cover a new one in the same area. As with paint or any other coating material, you do not need to make changes to the entire wall.

Vinyl wallcoverings manufacturers’ best partners are architectures. Architectures know the importance of commercial materials in high traffic areas. By using these products you do not have any problems for several years. In this way, they protect their design and concept. According to the Professional needs of architectures, manufacturers have to follow trends and improve themselves with designs and colors.

Beautiful design wallcovering

As a summary, to not have some problems with the walls for several years buy a Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper. These commercial vinyl have the latest colors and textures. Better to use Fabric backed wallcoverings in your commercial or residential areas.