Why Do You Consider The Wallpaper?

The wallpaper is a useful and decorative material that you can use. They are easy to apply. It is a good choice both at home and in heavy-duty areas. Places such as offices, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels. These materials are in sale with many designs and color alternatives. The most useful type of these products are Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering.

No need to debate the aesthetic excellence of it over paint. Most of them can retain for at least 10 years. You shall paint the surface more frequently to maintain its appearance. Based on commercial usage, can result in savings of more than 20%. For home decor, the savings can be even more. Textured prints give comfort, warmth, and depth to your room. The variety of textures, designs, and colors are huge. It is an ideal way to change your home’s interior design with freedom.

Wallpaper is an Economic Choice

Painting the walls of places like home and office requires a serious cost. Paint is a process that requires frequent maintenance. On the walls can be color distortions. You can apply wallpapers with different colors and designs. With the same cost, you will have more attractive places. Especially fabric backed wallcovering is a high-durable product. You can use it for many years.

Clean and Hygienic Wallcovering

Wall coverings are hygienic products. You can wipe and even wash your walls if you choose fabric backed wallcovering. These materials stand out with their anti-bacterial feature. They do not retain dirt, dust, and microbes. You can better use it in places such as the kitchen, bathroom and children’s room.

The wallpapers are easy to apply. Because during the wall paper process, gluing and hanging are at one time. So, the coating process ends by applying on the wall. In the painting process, repeated painting, and plastering causes time loss. It may occur stains during these processes and bad odors may spread around.

The Wallpaper has the Right Color

While preparing the paint, there may be minor differences in tone. This situation can cause differences between the chosen color and yours. There is no difference between the wallpaper color you choose and apply. No surprise will be waiting for you. The wallpapers offer a harmonious effect with different designs. You can make your rooms both hygienic and stylish.

Choose The Solution That Best Suits Your Needs

The wallpaper adds a harmonious environment with different designs. You can make your place both hygienic and stylish. Discover Edo-tex collections that allow you to customize. Without having to change all the furnishings.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs among the quality. Satisfy the need to make your spaces more exclusive while saving.

On Summary The Pros Of The Wallpaper?

It has excellent furniture power

Long-lasting, no need to “repaint every 2 years”

Protects the wall and masks corruptions

It is wipeable and washable

If a single piece comes off, it will be easy to remove it all

It is clean and Hygienic

“Your project is beautiful, elegant and your wallpaper shall be first class! You can have gorgeous interior design with Edo-tex wallcoverings”


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