What is Vinyl Wallpaper?

Vinyl wallpaper is a PVC Coated Paper, Non-woven or fabric. Decorative surface is printed and embossed. They are scrubbable and wipeable. They are washable and can be with an anti-bacterial feature. This type has better resistant to moisture and grease than plain paper.

Why Use Vinyl Wallpaper?

Interior designers prefer these wallpapers for the decoration. It is the most common alternative to painting. With vinyl wallpaper, to cover and decorate is easy and quick. It is possible to choose to highlight only one wall or the whole area. This type of wallcovering offers many advantages. Not only as a decorative element, and functional. The area covered with them appears beautiful, and more refined.

Fabric backed wallcovering is giving an aspect to the environment. They become more harmonious and pleasant. With Commercial wallcovering, walls will remain as it is for a long time. You do not need to think about changing the wall covering.

Wallcovering Usage Areas

You can use Fabric Backed Wallcoverings in most places. They are heavier than plain paper. You shall get support during the installation if you are not an expert. An embossing technique gives depth to the patterns. In this way, you can obtain a 3D image. The backing of them is fiber or fabric materials. In this way, they are high-durable.

The most important usage area of wall covering is kitchens. To obtain a stylish appearance, it is important to keep all components. You shall check the non-flammable and anti-bacterial feature.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wallcovering

During the decoration of kitchen areas, you shall keep fire risk in mind. Any product that you are using in kitchens must be not-flammable. In this sense, the wall covering shall be non-flammable. It is not flammable. It prevents the fire from causing serious damage and spread to other places.

Another usage area is the bathroom. Many people are hesitant about using wall covering in bathrooms. They prefer to paint their bathrooms. You can use them in bathrooms because these products are water-resistant. You can wipe and wash. They do not change color and no deformation due to these processes.

Hotels and hospitals prefer Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering. It has several features. In these areas, human traffic is intense. This can pose a danger to human health. These areas are suitable for dirt and microbes can spread. You will be safe in areas where you use fabric backed wall covering. It does not contain dirt and dust. The anti-bacterial feature helps not to cause diseases.


Vinyl Wallpaper Maintenance

Vinyl wallpaper is more resistant than other coverings. Lifetime is several times longer than other surface treatments, such as paint. Low-cost maintenance consists of cleaning with mild detergent. You can remove dirt without damage. Guidelines when cleaning is important.

You shall remove stain as urgent as possible. If soil remains for a longer time, permanent damage may happen. You shall remove with mild soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft, lint-free towel. You shall rinse and dry after using a detergent. Please be careful with abrasive rubbing spots. The use of chemical detergent may damage the surface.

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