Hotel Wallcoverings

If you have walls with remarkable wallcoverings in the lobby of the hotel that you own or manage, your guests will start to admire yours as soon as they enter and pass through the lobby.

All researches show that the design and cleanliness of the accommodation area is the priority when booking. As an owner or manager, you should consider this. Hotel wallcovering in interior designs should have a warm and clean feature.

The most striking feature of fabric backed hotel wallpaper is waterproof, non-flammable and easy to clean. Painted walls require a lot of maintenance. You could wipe the wallcoverings with warm water and non-chemical cleaning agents. In this way, dirt and fingerprints will clean up quickly and easily.

Easy cleaning is very important for the success of your hotel. With commercial wallcoverings, you can guarantee that your place will remain the same for several years. Therefore, you’ll see the wonderful comments of your guests about the cleanliness and interior design for your hospitality from where the website they booked.

With Fabric Backed Wallpaper You Can Save Money

Hotel wallcoverings reduce the maintenance and labor costs of your walls and allow you to design economically. The fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper has high durability, strength and abrasion resistance. Therefore it perfectly fits high traffic areas such as rooms, lobbies, and corridors.

Furthermore, the wallcovering is designed and manufactured for easy cleaning and removal. This means that you spend less maintenance and effort than painted walls. This also means that less money will come out of your budget.

Also, wallcovering lasts five times longer than paint applications. After several years with hotel wallpaper, you can save a lot compared to paint for your walls.

Hotel Wallpaper Increases Your Investment’s Financial Value

It should have a nice interior design to protect your business’s brand and have better hospitality over time. Based on the World Design Council Research, we can say that well-designed things are valued rapidly. Hotel Wallcoverings has a much higher R-value than the paint. Wallpapers also contribute to insulation by saving energy for four seasons. Energy efficiency is important for every business.

The points to take into consideration when choosing the right hotel wallpaper;

In commercial areas, you need to choose the right type to take full advantage of the wallcovering for interior design and the best hospitality.

High traffic spaces: Lobby, corridors and meeting rooms

Medium traffic spaces: Guest rooms, wet spaces ( Bathrooms – Wc) and office spaces for your staff

The hotel wallcoverings of your choice for all these places are a must;

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper shall be commercial type and have min. 15 oz./ly – 35 gr/s.q.m weight.

  • It shall be Non-flammable (TSEN 13501-1: 2007).
  • Shall be anti-bacterial (ISO EN 846).
  • It should be phthalate-free and free of any heavy metal.
  • Do not fade from sunlight.
  • It must be waterproof. Easy clean
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