Flame Retardant Wallpaper

The wallpapers are one of the main products of interior architecture. Flame retardant wallpapers have a different color, texture, and design. They can be seen as the practical solution of home decoration and high traffic areas’ interior design. These products add elegance, freshness, and hygiene to the areas you use. Especially in recent years, the design and color variation of wall covering has shown some changes, depending on the production and technical features. Therefore, different types of wall coverings are starting to produce. Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering is the most advantageous type among other wallcoverings. These products which also known as Fire retardant wallpaper contribute to the safety of the areas you apply.

Stay Safe With Non-Flammable Wallcoverings

In recent years, hotels, hospitals, and schools started to applying wall covering on the walls instead of paints. So, you can choose from a wide range of texture, color, and pattern wallpaper designs. It is important to pay attention to the type of wall covering on the high human traffic areas projects.

Hospitals, hotels, offices, and schools are high human traffic areas and these places have much more flame risk. In these projects, you should give more attention to the risk of fire.

Fabric backed commercial vinyl wallpaper is more common in areas with high human traffic. Because this wallcovering is non-flammable. This product is perfect for kitchens.

Other Advantages of Fire Retardant Wall Coverings

Also, Fabric backed flame retardant wallpaper offer many advantages for your places. One of them is easy to clean with its vinyl surface. These products which are clean and washable can be used in bathrooms. Such wall coverings are not affecting by sunlight; it keeps color and you can use for many years. You can choose from a variety of fire retardant wallpaper, have creative spaces and ensure the security of your areas.

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