Fabric backed Wallcoverings

Fabric backed wallcovering is a Heavy duty material that is more resistant to abrasion and tear. Compared to Paper backed wallpapers, commercial wallcovering has higher water resistance and tear resistance. Fabric backed vinyl wallpapers are generally 135 cm ( cotton scrim ) or 106 cm ( non-woven ) wide. Also, offers significant advantages during application.

Heavy-duty areas can damage the walls. Paint can not always show sufficient resistance to impact. Commercial Vinyl Wallpaper will be more useful in this regard.

Fabric backed wallcoverings are waterproof and wipeable and made from anti-bacterial material. This prevents the growth of microbiological organisms such as mold and fungus on it. Also at the same time non-flammable which is very important for Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and so on. Increases internal security measures in the project and is the most suitable material for heavy-duty areas.

Fabric backed wallcoverings with several advantages

At first glance, wallcoverings with fabric backing look more expensive than paint. However, in high traffic and heavy-duty areas, commercial vinyl wallpaper retain their visual appearance longer. This allows being used for several years.

While choosing the right products for your project; you should be sure that they have physical, technical and performance features during application. Non-Flammability, impact resistance, and antibacterial properties are important issues that you must care about. These details about fabric backed commercial vinyl wallcovering will let you build a suitable and safe area. For your project, you shall ask the supplier for the certificates of that product.

Which Type of wallpaper is best for your areas?

Please consider the following details while choosing a wall covering:

Commercial wallcoverings are good for areas with high human traffic. You can prefer residential wallpaper for less human traffic areas.

You can use commercial wallcovering in the Bathroom, Kitchen as you prefer.

Why use Edo-tex commercial vinyl wallcoverings?

Our wallcoverings are manufactured with the newest technology production lines and a big investment, in Turkey. We focus on to enlarge our brand Edo-Tex with several advantages like as; Service, quality, stock e.t.c

For your esteemed projects, working with the supplier who has all the necessary certificates & production capability, working with the application teams with experience and knowledge will ensure that you will be proud of your projects after several years.

“Your project is beautiful, elegant and your wallpaper shall be first class! You can have gorgeous interior design with Edo-tex wallcoverings”


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