Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper known as “Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering”. It would be the right and attractive choice for interior design. These days Commercial wallcovering is more preferred in decoration. Technical advantages make it more popular day by day.

Architectures are using natural stone around the shower cabin. In other parts of the bathrooms, they are using wallcoverings. The area outside the shower is far enough from the water. The use of stones adds a cold atmosphere to the environment. But commercial wallcoverings give to bathrooms a warmer view.

If you want to stay far from the classic choices for your interior design. Wallpapers will inspire you to create warmer spaces. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom or kitchen has a modern or classic design. Your style will be all-around your home with your choice of wallcovering.

If you have a single-color and cold look interior decoration. Edo-Tex wallcovering will make a great change on your walls.

Why Bathroom Wallpaper is a Good Choice?

The wallcovering of the bathroom you choose shall be waterproof and durable. Paper backed wall coverings can only be wipeable. Commercial vinyl wallcoverings are wipeable, washable and free of mold. Humidity on the wall can’t enter to the vinyl coating. The vinyl layer acts as a barrier.

Fabric backed wallcoverings will be the right choice. Especially for the areas that require attention. They are against oil and stains such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl Wallpaper has a layer that does not absorb water. It is a good choice for places where have water exposure or humidity. The fabric-backed wallcoverings consist of a vinyl layer. A vinyl layer is on cotton scrim or fiber. It doesn’t contain paper and not have a porous structure. It is not permeable to water. It is the most durable wall covering type. Waterproof wallcovering is washable and they increase strong ability.

The commercial vinyl covering is washable. It can withstand scrubbing with a brush and a non-chemical cleaning agent. Waterproof wallpaper is the strongest alternative to ceramic. You can use in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens. It ‘s lower cost and shows a warm look compared to ceramic. Installation time is much shorter. The load on the building is lighter compared to ceramic or marble.

After some years, it will take only a few minutes to remove from the wall. You don’t need to rubble and waste as with stone products. You can only repair it by replacing the damaged part. Renew all the walls is useless. The top surface of the wall must be well primed. During renewal, the wallpaper for the bathroom comes out in a single strip.

The Advantages of Bathroom Wallpaper

You can use easy and quick

In some cases, the cost is lower than for other coatings

Easy to remove

Simple maintenance

Result of effect even by placing it on one wall

Edo-tex fabric backed wall coverings do not contain phthalate and toxic. No harmful substances for human health used for production. It is Eco friendly and healthy.

“Your project is beautiful, elegant and your wallpaper shall be first class! You can have gorgeous interior design with Edo-tex wallcoverings”


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